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Tim Tebow Jets Jersey – Broncos trade Tim Tebow to New York Jets for draft picks

New York Jets traded for Denver quarterback Tim Tebow on Wednesday, but the unexpected transaction looked for much of the day like an embarrassing fumble. New York agreed to deal for the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, but the trade nearly fell through because the Jets did not realize they would need to reimburse the Broncos for $5.1 million in advance salaries paid to Tebow for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons. That problem reportedly has been resolved, with the Jets agreeing to pay half of the compensation back to the Broncos. The Broncos will receive fourth- and sixth-round draft picks for Tebow, and New York will receive a seventh-round selection. Tebow has three years left on the $11.25-million, five-year contract he signed as a rookie in 2010, with base salaries of $1.1 million in 2012, $1.055 million in 2013 and $895,000 in 2014. “Our goal was to do the best thing for Tim and the Broncos, and I believe the opportunity that presented itself with the New York Jets accomplishes that objective,” said John Elway, Denver’s vice president of football operations. “Tim made a lot of strides last year and has a very promising career ahead of him. If anyone is willing to put the work in to be great, it is Tim Tebow.” You can log on our Online NFL Shop and select our best quality Tim Tebow Jets Jersey and New York Jets Jerseys if you are die-hard fans of Tim Tebow and New York Jets.

Kenrick Ellis of New York Jets will make His NFL Debut Against the Dolphins; Kenrick Ellis Jets Jersey – Pro Outfit for Jets’ Fans

Third-round pick Kenrick Ellis is expected to wear Kenrick Ellis Jets Jersey and make his NFL debut in Monday night’s game against Miami Dolphins. “It is looking that way,” defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said, explaining that he wants to “beef up the middle.” Kenrick Ellis is a potential solution, at least, at 346 pounds. He has been wearing Kenrick Ellis Jets Jersey and becoming healthy scratch in New York’s first five games. You can log on our Online NFL Shop and select our best quality Kenrick Ellis Jets Jersey and New York Jets Jerseys if you are die-hard fans of Kenrick Ellis and New York Jets.

Ryan cares about Sanchez’s win-loss record not statistics

There are wide debate about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s completion percentage from 2010 when he completed 54.8 percent of his passes. While Jets coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday he’s not worried about Sanchez’s statistics, but his win-loss record.

“The big thing is wins,” Ryan said. ”Protect the football and let’s find ways to get wins. If he’s at 55 (percent) and we’re winning games, you know I don’t have him on my fantasy football team. I just want my quarterback to win.”

Ryan also mentioned that the guy in Mark Sanchez Jets jersey might be a victim of the Jets’ system.

“You’d love to see your quarterback over 60, but, again, our system is probably a little bit different than some others,” Ryan said. ”We’ll take probably more shots downfield than some teams do. These West Coast offenses, those are kind of like long handoffs, but they are completions.”

The guys in New York Jets jerseys will open the season Sunday night against the guys in Dallas Cowboys jerseys.

Braylon Edwards was fined for driving under the influence

San Francisco wide receiver in Braylon Edwards 49ers jersey was fined $50,000 by the NFL for his 2010 arrest for driving under the influence, ESPN.com reports.

The Sacramento Bee reports Edwards will not be suspended by the league. He pleaded guilty to the charge in July.

Edwards was arrested while playing for the New York Jets, who did not re-sign him in the offseason. San Francisco signed him to a one-year deal this summer.

He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns third overall in the 2005 NFL Draft. He was also in New York Jets jerseys.

He played four plus seasons with the Browns where he earned a Pro Bowl selection following the 2007 NFL season. Outside of football, in Cleveland, he was famous for both his legal troubles and his philanthropy. He was arrested for numerous speeding violations, but has upheld his commitment to sponsor 100 Cleveland area youths’ educations. He followed that up his time in Cleveland with nearly two full seasons with the Jets.

The San Francisco 49ers Need a QB while the New York Jets Need Wide Receivers

We can see that the San Francisco 49ers are badly needed a QB while the New York Jets Wide Receivers as they performed badly in the 2011 preseason week 1.

Neither Alex Smith nor Colin Kaepernick wearing San Francisco 49ers jerseys looked like a starting NFL quarterback as the 49ers were destroyed by Gregg Williams’ defense in their opener against the New Orleans Saints. The entire 49er offense looked bad, but the quarterbacks were the worst. The team should try to get any available quarterbacks by all means.

Then we’ll have a look at those in New York Jets jerseys.  It’s well known that the New York Jets lost Brad Smith, Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery this offseason.To replace them the team signed Plaxico Burress. However, Burress is experiencing injury problems after spending 22 months in prison now. So there is no wonder that they played bad this time. The Jets should also begin knocking on the door of anyone who has ever even thought of playing wide receiver in the NFL. The lack of talent here is further proof of the arrogance of Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan. Knowing the team would lose at least two free agents at the position, Ryan did nothing to get other wide receivers to New York. It’s really a pity.