Jairus Byrd signs his one-year tender with Bills

Jairus Byrd, the free safety of the Buffalo Bills has been held out for the whole offseason because he was reluctant to sign his one-year franchise tender and he hopes to get a multiyear contract, but the Bills expect him to play under the tender in 2013. Then the Bills announced on Tuesday that Jairus Byrd Nike Jersey has signed the tender on Tuesday. According to Albert Breer, the tender doesn’t contain a no-tag provision in 2014, which means the Bills could franchise him again next year. We have been caring about Jairus Byrd return this offseason and general manager Doug Whaley told reporters on Monday that there was no update news from Jairus Byrd. Whaley told reporters that he hoped Jairus Byrd can come back and join the team as soon as possible. Now it is a happy ending for both sides that Jairus Byrd signed his tender and come back before the regular season starts. There is still enough time for Jairus Byrd to get him ready for the new season and he also has a chance to prove that he can be the highest-paid safety in the league. If you are faithful fans of the Buffalo Bills, please pay a visit to our website to buy Jairus Byrd Nike Jersey and the Buffalo Bills Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Von Miller is suspended for six games

This is a sad offseason for the Denver Broncos star tight end Von Miller, who faced four potential suspended games for violating unrevealed rules and he was also arrested for traffic issue. Von Miller was scheduled to have his appeal to be heard in the middle of August. According to report from Ian Rapport, the league initially decided his eight-game suspension to six. Then the NFL announced on Tuesday that Von Miller has been suspended for six games for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. In early days, Von Miller Nike Jersey stated that he did nothing wrong and the suspension will be turned over and he won’t let his teammates down. After the league’s announcement, Von Miller said although there is no positive test for him, there is no excuse for his violating the rules and he is so sorry that this hurt his family, fans, team and himself and he is especially sorry for the bad decisions on others. Von Miller says he won’t make the same mistake any more in the future and he will focus on the time on field because that’s what he loves. If you are faithful fans of the Denver Broncos, please pay a visit to our website to buy Von Miller Nike Jersey and the Denver Broncos Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Arian Foster remains out of field

Arian Foster, the star running back of the Houston Texans is still dealing with his complications stemming from injections in his ailing back. As Texans coach Gary Kubiak hoped to have Arian Foster back to practice on Monday, but he needs to wait for a couple of days. During an interview, Coach Gary said Arian Foster had some injections to try to alleviate some of the soreness and they can understand it and they will help him get through it. According to coach Gary, Arian Foster Nike Jersey received the first injection on August 8 and it caused pain in legs. Now Gary will not speculate whether Arian Foster can be ready for the Week 1 in September, Gary says it is not time for this and they have not been there yet as he sees his work and he knows what Arian Foster is going through and they will try to do smart things here. Therefore, we don’t get any positive news about Arian Foster, who has missed the majority of the team’s offseason program while recovering from a strained calf. If you are faithful fans of the Houston Texans, please pay a visit to our website to buy Arian Foster Nike Jersey and the Houston Texans Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Trent Edwards signs a one-year deal with Bears

As we know, the Chicago Bears have been searching for backups behind Jay Cutler this offseason and they announced on Sunday that they have signed a one-year deal with Trent Richardson but the financial terms were not disclosed. So, Trent Edwards Nike Jersey joined in a proof of reserves including Josh McCown, Jordan Palmer and Matt Blanchard. Therefore, it means the Bears have no interest in adding JaMarcus Russell as a part of the team. Trent Edwards, Jordan Palmer and JaMarcus Russell had a workout with the Bears together in June. But when Matt Blanchard suffered a hand injury in the game against the San Diego Chargers, the Bears chose Jordan Palmer over Trent Edwards, the former NO.1 overall pick in 2007. Although Trent Edwards has not started a game since 2010, he spent last season with the Philadelphia Eagles behind Michael Vick and Nick Foles while he got cut in April and he received few interest from the open market expect he saw future with the Buffalo Bills. We didn’t see much meaning of the backup quarterbacks group behind Jay Cutler and we don’t know whether they can stick to the end of this month when the Bears deciding their 53-man roster. If you are faithful fans of the Chicago Bears, please pay a visit to our website to buy Trent Edwards Nike Jersey and the Chicago Bears Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Health Miller is supposed to miss the first month of the season

Entering into the 2013 season, there are big challengers faced by the Pittsburgh Steelers on offense. The first one is losing veteran wide receiver Mike Wallace to the Miami Dolphins this offseason.  Although the Steelers turned to count on rookie running back Le’Veon Bell, there is a big hole in Steelers’ passing game without a proven deep threat. Second, the Steelers are going to play the first month without veteran tight end Health Miller. According to reporter Alan Robinson, on Saturday, Health Miller Nike Jersey might not come back for the September as he is rehabbing from surgery to repair three ligament tears in his knee. In earlier days, the Steelers stated that they planned to activate Health Miller before the regular season and then he will have enough time to get himself ready, which us just like the approach they took last year with running back Rashard Mendenhall. It is worse for the Steelers that backup tight end Matt Spaeth is supposed to miss 10 weeks after Lisfranc surgery. If you are faithful fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, please pay a visit to our website to buy Health Miller Nike Jersey and the Pittsburgh Steelers Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

DeAndre Hopkins suffers concussion during game

According to report, Houston Texans rookie wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins suffered a concussion during their Saturday’s preseason game victory over the Miami Dolphins by 24-17. Therefore, DeAndre Hopkins Nike Jersey failed to repeat his last week’s impressive 34-yard touchdown. According to The Reliant Stadium press, DeAndre Hopkins has been sent to the locker room for evaluation because it is thought might be a potential head injury and he was held out of the game. In other word, DeAndre Hopkins might suffer a concussion. During an interview after the game, Texans coach Gary Kubiak made a confirmation that DeAndre Hopkins did have sustained a concussion and they saw he was disoriented on the field that he didn’t run the route and didn’t get his depth and he was just stumbling all over the field, that was why they got him out of the game. Before injured, DeAndre Hopkins caught two passes for 22 yards. And he has had an impressive offseason and training camp as the NO.27 overall pick. DeAndre Hopkins has a potential chance to be a star in his rookie season if he can stay healthy. If you are faithful fans of the Houston Texans, please pay a visit to our website to our website to buy DeAndre Hopkins Nike Jersey and the Houston Texans Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Mark Sanchez started for Jets

According to report on Saturday, the New York Jets announced that Mark Sanchez will start the preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday night and rookie Geno Smith won’t play because he was dealing with his right ankle injury that he suffered in last week’s preseason debut against the Detroit Lions. So, Mark Sanchez will have the Jets first team offense all to himself Saturday night. It is reported that Geno Smith has returned to practice this week and he had a disappointing four-interception session Wednesday with the ankle issue. Before Mark Sanchez Nike Jersey will play the whole second preseason game on Saturday night, Coach Rex Ryan said that Geno Smith was not close to 100 percent. Mark Sanchez and rookie Geno Smith are competing for the starting role for the Jets and both players are confident that they are the one. But Mark Sanchez sounds more confident and he aims to have a new start in 2013. It won’t be easy for the Jets if they handle Geno Smith in their third preseason game as the fair competition and we see Mark Sanchez closer to get the job. If you are faithful fans of the New York Jets, please pay a visit to our website to buy Mark Sanchez Nike Jersey and the New York Jets Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Jordan Palmer signed with the Bears

Although all of NFL teams are trying to avoid injury reports through the summer, it still remains as a big matter to every team because injuries are inevitable on field. After third-string quarterback Matt Blanchard suffered a broken hand injury during their second preseason game win over the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night, the Chicago Bears are searching for quarterback help. According to report from Ian Rapport on Friday, the Bears have signed Jordan Palmer Nike Jersey instead of JaMarcus Russell. We knew that Russell worked out with Bears this offseason along with Jordan Palmer and Trent Richardson. It is clearly that Jordan Palmer, the little brother of Carson Palmer was the most impressive to the Bears. Over this offseason, we have been talking about Russell had a good chance to return to football, but now it is hard to imagine him getting back in the league as he has lost his best chance with the Bears. If you are faithful fans of the Chicago Bears, please pay a visit to our website to buy Jordan Palmer Nike Jersey and the Chicago Bears Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Jared Cook aims to set a receiving record for Rams

The St. Louis Rams never had a player to reach 700 receiving yards led by their starting quarterback Sam Bradford over the last three seasons. But they are going to make a change in the 2013 season. Watching the Rams 2013 training camp, there is a good sign that tight end Jared Cook Nike Jersey could be the guy. According to report from Rams official website, Jared Cook has emerged as a receiving threat for Rams and also a favorite target for quarterback Sam Bradford. According to Peter King on Friday, Jared Cook was single-best player he has seen on the camp this summer. King added that he can’t understand why Jared Cook just caught only 44 balls last year with the Tennessee Titans but he is doing great with the Rams and he is going to make a big season. Does it mean that the former Titans coordinator Chris Palmer lacked imagination and creativity and we are still waiting for his breakout season. If you are faithful fans of the St. Louis Rams, please pay a visit to our website to buy Jared Cook Nike Jersey and the St. Louis Rams Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Tom Brady is cleared for Patriots drills

Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots suffered a minor left knee injury during Patriots Wednesday practice and it is true that it is not serious and Tom Brady is not limited in practice on Thursday and he also played the second preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday. According to Albert Breer on Friday, Tom Brady had been medially cleared before the game and the Patriots played three quarterbacks in the game. Tom Brady Nike Jersey is the key of the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick will never put his starters in danger in the preseason especially Tom Brady. As usual, Tom Brady played deep in the fourth preseason game if Coach Bill thinks it is necessary. In our mind, missing preseason games are not a big matter and if the Patriots take precautions on Tom Brady, backup quarterback Ryan Mallett is expected to see more work on first teams. But Tom Brady is healthy and medially cleared, it seems he will continue to take his starter job through the preseason and the regular season. If you are faithful fans of the New England Patriots, please pay a visit to our website to buy Tom Brady Nike Jersey and the New England Patriots Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Former 49ers teammates are eager to hit Alex Smith

Alex Smith, the former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers joined the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason after losing job to Colin Kaepernick last season. Now Alex Smith is going to lead the Chiefs to face his former teammates on Friday. During an interview on Thursday, Alex Smith said it is not just a preseason game and it will be emotional and n\maybe some awkward. Actually, Alex Smith Nike Jersey worries about leading his new Andy Reid’s offense in his second preseason game with the Chiefs but now 49ers defense is getting to him. As we see, the 49ers are eager to play this game. According to linebacker NaVorro Bowman on Thursday, this will be a first time for everything and they never got a chance to hit Alex Smith, but now there is a chance and they are looking forward to it, and they also know that Alex Smith knows they are coming, Cornerback Carlos Rogers said they were always talking junk during practice when Alex Smith was here and he thought Alex Smith might come after him. Alex Smith is picked by the 49ers as NO.1 overall pick in 2005 and he had made great contributions for the team. Alex Smith said he cherishes his time with the 49ers but now he is moving forward. If you are faithful fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, please pay a visit to our website to buy Alex Smith Nike Jersey and the Kansas City Chiefs  Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Ronald Leary will undergo knee surgery

Although all NFL teams try to avoid injuries through the training camp and preseason, it is inevitable, and it piled up on Dallas Cowboys offensive line. According to report from the Cowboys official website on Wednesday, left guard Ronald Leary Nike Jersey will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his injured right knee on Friday. Therefore, Ronald Leary will be questionable for the Cowboys 2013 season opener against the New York Giants next month. Ronald Leary was projected to start at left guard but now third-year pro David Arkin fills in the job. According to some sources, his injury is unrelated to the left knee injury, which scared the teams away from drafting him in 2012. And then the Cowboys took him and they found it is worthy. The Cowboys tried to sign Brandon Moore but the veteran chose to retire rather than playing for the Cowboys. And the Cowboys also offered a contract to veteran Brian Waters, but who showed no interest to come back after sitting out last season. If you are faithful fans of the Dallas Cowboys, please pay a visit to our website to buy Ronald Leary Nike Jersey and the Dallas Cowboys Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Jared Veldheer will undergo a surgery

According to report, Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen told reporters on Wednesday that their tackle Jared Veldheer will undergo surgery on a torn triceps, so he might miss the 2013 season. Although Jared Veldheer is not a household name, he indeed is the best player on Raiders roster, that’s why the Raiders sound so devastating when Jared Veldheer Nike Jersey is reported will need a surgery. Coach Dennis Allen said the team could place Jared Veldheer on injured reserve/designated for return, which can be done after the team’s 53-man roster is set before Week 1. If it so, Jared Veldheer is expected to miss a minimum of eight weeks of the regular season. It is understandable that the Raiders will do everything to keep Jared Veldheer’s season alive as he is a potential Pro Bowl player and he is one of the few sure things on the Raiders offensive line. Jared Veldheer’s out makes a tougher work for Raiders presumptive starting quarterback, who has already had an uphill battle for this job. It is updated that Jared Veldheer is set to have surgery on Friday morning. If you are faithful fans of the Oakland Raiders, please pay a visit to our website to buy Jared Veldheer Nike Jersey and the Oakland Raiders Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Jerome Felton seems to miss Vikings’ rest of preseason

It is a sad preseason for the Minnesota Vikings that they will go through it without their top running back Adrian Peterson. Now there is another setback on their backfield. According to report on Wednesday, fullback Jerome Felton Nike Jersey has undergone an emergency appendectomy, and he is supposed to miss around two weeks. Later the Vikings made a confirmation about the surgery. Jerome Felton is a key part on Vikings defensive line as a 2010 Pro Bowl selection. Jerome Felton just signed a new multiyear contract with the team this offseason. According to multiple sources, Jerome Felton was rushed to the hospital after Vikings Wednesday morning walk-through. Missing the preseason won’t be a big matter and we just hope Jerome Felton can be ready when the regular season starts. Jerome Felton has developed himself as one of the games best lead blockers in his first season with the Vikings, and he is respected by Adrian Peterson for his great abilities and he is supposed to make a 600-700-yard season or more than that. If you are faithful fans of the Minnesota Vikings, please pay a visit o our website to buy Jerome Felton Nike Jersey and the Minnesota Vikings Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Montario Hardesty will have surgery

Cleveland Browns running back Montario Hardesty was limited earlier in training camp with a strained hamstring injury, but there is worse news for him and he might be forced to lose a job. According to report, Browns coach Rob Chudzinski told reporters on Wednesday that Montario Hardesty is scheduled to have knee surgery on Thursday and the procedure is not related to his former hamstring issue. Montario Hardesty Nike Jersey suffered a dislocated thumb injury drying Browns practice on Monday but coach Rob told that he will come back. Browns have a big expectation on Montario Hardesty in the 2013 season and he is believed to make a 300-carry and 60-catche season. And the Browns coaches found hard for the versatile Dion Lewis as a change of pace option. Brandon Jackson is more durable than Montario Hardesty in Browns and he was close to resign with the team in May, while the Browns chose to inherit Montario Hardesty, who carried the ball for 65 times and targeted for just five times last season. If you are faithful fans of the Cleveland Browns, please pay a visit to our website to buy Montario Hardesty Nike Jersey and the Cleveland Browns Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Le’Veon Bell and Issac Redman are co-starts for Steelers

According to report from Ed Bouchette on Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers have put Le’Veon Bell and Issac Redman as co-starts on team’s unofficial depth chart. This means much for Le’Veon Bell, who missed the Steelers’ preseason loss to the New York Giants on Saturday with knee stiffness, but Le’Veon Bell Nike Jersey is expected to start Steelers’ second preseason game against the Washington Redskins on Monday. This is his first NFL career training camp and he has earned genuine praise. If he can stay healthy, he will lose the job no matter what the depth chart says. Steelers’ offensive coordinator Todd Haley was fond of making co-starters program last season that Issac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer will see snaps. During the 2013 NFL Draft, the Steelers picked Le’Veon Bell over Eddie Lacy, and coach Mike Tomlin says he knows what he did and Le’Veon Bell’s playing speaks for itself. We know that August depth chart can’t mean squat as players need to continue to prove themselves and things keep changing through the season. If you are faithful fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, please pay a visit to our website to buy Le’Veon Bell Nike Jersey and the Pittsburgh Steelers Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Nate Garner suffers a shoulder injury

We know that preseason is not for stars and the past week were meaningless preseason game, but the Miami Dolphins were struggled in protecting their quarterback Ryan Tannehill out of the gate. Since Day 1, the Dolphins were struggled to fill the shoes of John Jerry, who has been missing since the start of the training camp with an ailing knee. And Dolphins have tried many backups in this effort. Now one of those backups, Nate Garner, is concerned with his injury. According to report from Jeff Darlington on Wednesday, Nate Garner Nike Jersey hurt his shoulder bad on Monday. This is a big concern for Dolphins as Nate Garner is the most versatile reserve on the team. This week, Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin noted that Nate Garner seemed to be a contender for the right guard spot during John Jerry’s absence. During last season, Nate Garner started four games at right tackle and he has played in every position expect center. Therefore, Nate Garner is a rare versatile player to be found in the league. Over this summer, the Dolphins have struggled as a run-blocking unit and Ryan Tannehill sees too much pressure. If you are faithful fans of the Miami Dolphins, please pay a visit to our website to buy Nate Garner Nike Jersey and the Miami Dolphins Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Braylon Edwards aims to be elite for Jets

It is a good time for the New York Jets to have Braylon Edwards as they are in urgent need of players at wide receiver. During an interview on Tuesday, Braylon Edwards said he got himself into camp shape since Day 1, and now what in front of him is a big chance and he can show guys that he can play at an elite level for the Jets and he can help the team to win games. Words sound great, but let’s face the reality. Braylon Edwards has never played at a level closing to elite and never made an impact on offense since 2007 when he made 80 catches for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns as a member of the Cleveland Browns. Braylon Edwards Nike Jersey had his best season with 53 catches and 904 yards with Gang Green in 2010. We can see he was limited by injuries in recent years as he had just 33 catches since then. Now he starts it over with the Jets and there is a chance for him. Although Santonio Holmes is sidelined by a foot injury, Braylon Edwards still should try hard to fight for the job as Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley are sure will make the team. If you are faithful fans of the New York Jets, please pay a visit to our website to buy Braylon Edwards Nike Jersey and the New York Jets Nike Jersey to cheer for them.

Robert Griffin III is unhappy about Rob Parker losing his job

Back in seven months ago, ESPN analyst Rob Parker made an unfriendly comment about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III calling him a Cornball Brother and then Rob Parker was fired by the ESPN. At that time, Robert Griffin didn’t say much about the matter but indeed still remember it, the quarterback made a rap song that time which mocked Parker for losing his job, but now Robert Griffin III Nike Jersey said he purposely had previously not motioned the song. During an interview on Tuesday, Robert Griffin III said he didn’t blow the song up because he didn’t think it was right to make fun of Rob Parker losing his job and although there was something wrong in his comment but there was also something wrong in him losing his job, and he didn’t want people to think him happy about Parker for losing his job. Actually, he was unhappy with the things Parker said. Everything that happened have been noted in profile although there is something new revealed. If you are faithful fans of the Washington Redskins, please pay a visit to our website to buy Robert Griffin III Nike Jersey and the Washington Redskins Nike Jersey to cheer for them.